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Come join our big family of volunteers. You can help in more ways than one

Children's Education
* By sponsoring a child for going to school
* Taking part as an active volunteer visiting schools, families of
kids you sponsor
* Organizing outings to parks, adventure parks for kids
* Encouraging kids to do more than just schooling, like playing games, music, arts or anything else that interests them

Women's Self Defense
* Donate monies so we can engage more schools and
encourage women, girls to get trained on self defense
* Organize and provide certified training if interested
* Spread the word

Food Donation
* Donate monies so food can be donated at orphanages
* Be a part of volunteers and organize any events where we can
feed the needy



starts now!

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The Wings of Hope is committed to the causes and will work for the betterment of the numerous families in need, growing one family at a time

cool ideas

We are always looking for newer, cooler ideas and people who can join us on this path.

team work

The Wings of Hope understands that nothing ever gets done by 1 person/ entity, so we need you to join our team and move forward toward the future one step at a time...Come join us


+1 313-516-9172


Really feels good to know about how the kids are performing instead of just sponsoring and not knowing anything more about it. Wings of Hope always provides updates periodically.

Wings of Hope are doing a great job and are an inspiration to us. We are happy to support as much as we can.

I am inspired by your relentless dedication and commitment in getting all of this together year after year. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the inspiration.

Sponsor 1 Volunteer

Wings of Hope is FANTASTIC at this. This is amazing level of commitment. Thank you for keeping me up to date, and let me know if I can help in any other way.
And - thank you for taking this project on.

Sponsor 2 Volunteer

Wings of Hope is being a very good conduit through which we are able to help kids get educated for a better tomorrow. Hope more of us can join along in this journey to help kids who need education

Sponsor 3 Volunteer